Why Store Your Fur

When warmer weather approaches, you should think about the care and storage of your precious fur coat or jacket. At Furs by Prezioso, we'll store your valuable garment with the same confidence and professional handling that we've set the standard for. We will house your fur in our local state-of-the-art vault, in a spacious and cool environment. Unlike other furriers, we know were your fur is at all times. With a thorough check for any repairs, your garment will be returned to you revitalized and refreshed ready for a new year of warmth and beauty.

10 Reasons to Store Your Fur

  • To protect from mold, mildew, dust and moths.
  • Protect from humidity, heat, light and dryness.
  • Guard against theft.
  • Preserve the beauty of your furs and prevent premature aging.
  • To clean and condition your furs for the upcoming season.
  • To have your furs carefully inspected by a master furrier.
  • To take advantage of the convenience of bonded pick-up and delivery.
  • To utilize the in-and-out privileges - use us like were your closet, only bigger!
  • Develop a relationship with trusted professionals who know how to care for fine furs.
  • To have just one more good excuse to stop by and see us!